Open Farms Festival – Taste of Häme!

Saturday 10 July 2021

The Open Farms Festival offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the historic Häme countryside, visit local farms and shops, learn about rural life, and shop for local produce.

The farms and venues welcoming visitors are an interesting mix of agricultural food producers, farms and manor houses, and local artisans. The Open Farms Festival invites you to spend a memorable summer day in the beautiful Häme countryside. Welcome!

Event venues are generally open 11.00–16.00.
See event locations on the map.

Next summer we will see again on 9.7.2022!

Ainoa Winery, Lahti

Ainoa Winery offers tours and tastings, and sells products with max. 13% alcohol, as well as other local products. Details of Ainoa Winery wines can be found on their website.

Enjoy a glass of wine or pre-book a food/wine pairing experience. Ainoa Winery uses traditional southern European winemaking methods to make the best berry wines in the world. On Open Farms weekend free tours in winery production facility. Weather permitting, visitors can also purchase fresh food grilled on the BBQ.

Open Saturday 10 July and Sunday 11 July at 10.00–18.00

Contact details

Paola Guerrero de Cohen
Tel. +358 40 322 2959
Rekolanpolku 65, 15700 Lahti

Facebook: Ainoa Winery by finnviini
Instagram: ainoawinery


Aliniityn tila, Kärkölä

Aliniityn tila is a family farm breeding Highland cattle whose meat has less fat and cholesterol and more iron and proteins than typical beef.

The farm shop sells meat produced on the farm. You can see pictures of the animals in the farm’s photo gallery.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Jaana Tolonen
Tel. +358 44 759 4638
Aliniityntie 54, 16600 Järvelä

Facebook: Aliniityn tila
Instagram: aliniityntila


Elonkierto, Jokioinen

Elonkierto farm tells the story of research into natural resources. It’s a place where you can learn how people and nature work together.

Cows, horses, sheep, goats, and chickens graze in the park by Jokioinen Manor. You can view an interactive digital map (in Finnish) on the Elonkierto website. There is a café serving coffee, refreshments, ice cream, and pastries.

Café open Saturday 10 July at 10.00–19.00 and Sunday 11 July at 11.00–17.00

Contact details

Niina Pitkänen
Tel. +358 40 708 7282
Ojaistentie 44, 31600 Jokioinen

Facebook: elonkierto
Instagram: elonkierto


Hahkialan Kartano, Hauho

Hahkiala Manor’s history stretches back to the 1600s, and it has hosted many famous people in its time. The Manor and its enchanting baroque garden are normally only open to groups and on special occasions.

The summer café is open, and you can buy the Manor’s farm products during your visit. See more details on the Hahkiala Manor website.

Summer café open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Liisa Vaalgamaa
Tel. +358 50 517 8194
Hahkialantie 30, 14700 Hauho

Facebook: Hahkialan Kartano
Instagram: hahkialankartano


Hakolan Marjatila, Janakkala

Hakolan Marjatila berry farm is a little house on the prairie where organic berries, grains and herbs are grown and processed. The farm also has bees, chickens, and sheep.

See how honey is made and meet the animals. The farm shop sells organic berries, organic flour, jams, juices, syrups, honey, beeswax candles, cakes, and more.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 12.00–18.00

Contact details

Outi Koskinen
Tel. +358 400 487 866
Piilokivi 26, 14200 Turenki

Facebook: Hakolan Marjatila
Instagram: hakolanmarjatila


Heinolan Heila, Heinola

Heinolan Heila is a food market and restaurant with high-quality local food including dairy products, fresh vegetables, and berries.

Visit the Heila shop, café, meat market, and small brewery shop. Heila sells products from 250 small producers, and many of the local ones will be at the Open Farms Festival.

Open Saturday 10 July at 10.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 11.00–18.00

Contact details

Lea Innanen
Tel. +358 50 501 8918
Työmiehentie 35, Heinola

Facebook: Heinolan Heila
Instagram: heinolan_heila


Hietalan tila, Nastola

Hietalan tila has been a working farm since 1544. Its current owners have modernised the farm, introducing renewable energy sources to reduce emissions.

During the Open Farms Festival, you can see the suckler cows and other animals, as well as farm machinery. The café is open, and the farm shop sells beef and beef products, rye bread and flour.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Minna Hietala
Tel. +358 40 5764466
Pärnämäetie 831, 15580 Ruuhijärvi

Facebook: Hietalan tila
Instagram: Hietalantila_


Hirvilammen luomu, Hämeenlinna

Hirvilammen luomu has 30 cows with calves, heifers, and breeding bulls grazing on the farm. Animal welfare and the improvement of biodiversity are the cornerstones of the farm’s activities.

Say hello to and feed the small flock of hens and sheep. There is a café for visitors.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Susanna Valtonen
Tel. +358 44 9737400
Hirvilammentie, 13700 Hämeenlinna

Facebook: Hirvilammin luomu
Instagram: hirvilammenluomu
Youtube: Susanna Valtonen


Huljalan Tupala, Hämeenkoski

Huljalan Tupala has been in same family since 1724. Cows graze in forest pastures, and the organic farm grows broad beans, hemp, and buckwheat.

Join a tour of a traditional biotope pasture at 12.30. There is a café and a farm shop, and you can pick your own vegetables directly from the field.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Laura Hämäläinen
Tel. +358 400 978 665
Vanhatie 239, 16800 Hämeenkoski

Facebook: Huljalan Tupala


Iso-Hiiden Kartano, Turenki

Iso-Hiiden Kartano is one of Finland’s oldest self-picking farms where you can pick your own strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackcurrants. You can also buy pre-picked berries, or order products in advance.

There is a café, and Iso-Hiiden Kartano also welcomes young children who will enjoy the fun playground and the farm’s animals.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–18.00 and Sunday 11 July at 11.00–18.00

Contact details

Iso-Hiiden Kartano Oy
Tel. +358 3 6883 229
Mansikkapellontie 62, 14200 Turenki (Janakkala)

Facebook: Iso-Hiiden Kartano


Jaakkolan tila, Hausjärvi

Standing in the yard of Jaakkolan tila, you can sense the farm’s cultural heritage. At Jaakkola, you can visit the art gallery and museum, and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee afterwards.

During the Open Farms Festival, the farm sells local Paajanen honey products, and artistic cards.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Jaakkolan tila / Maatalousyhtymä Jaakkola Anna-Kaarina, Antti ja Kaarle
Tel. +358 40 505 0175
Karhinraitti 94, 12240 Hikiä


Jokioisten Leipä, Jokioinen

Jokioisten Leipä is a family bakery established in 1983. Once you’ve tasted bread from Jokioisten Leipä, that’s all you will want to eat!

The bakery has been awarded the Good from Finland swan flag, and many of its products are made using 100% Finnish cereals. During the Open Farms Festival, you can buy oven-fresh products.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details
Tel. +358 3 424 1000
Leivänkuja 1, 31600 Jokioinen

Facebook: Jokioisten leipä


Kahvila Perunakuoppa, Loppi

Kahvila Perunakuoppa is a summer café run by the Räyskälä village association. The café is on a potato farm where you can buy potatoes, peas, honey, flour, bread, pastries, and local handicrafts.

During the Open Farms Festival, the café serves potato waffles with sweet and savoury fillings, and other delicacies made with seasonal berries, fruit, and vegetables.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Eliisa Pietilä
Tel. +358 50 356 3462
Räyskäläntie 562, 12820 Räyskälä

Facebook: Kahvila Perunakuoppa
Instagram: kahvilaperunakuoppa


Kankaisten Tila, Hämeenlinna

Kankaisten Tila farm is an oasis for self-pickers, families and hungry passers-by. The farm shop sells strawberries, raspberries, peas, and other local products. The crafts barn sells local handicrafts.

The idyllic summer café serves speciality coffees and pastries. You can see the farm’s animals in the farmyard, and there is a playground and a bouncy castle for children.

Open Saturday 10 July at 10.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 11.00–18.00

Contact details

Pirkko Kämäri
Tel. +358 3 653 6666
Kankaisten Kylätie 58, 13270 Hämeenlinna

Facebook: Kankaisten tila
Instagram: kankaistentila


Karhulan tila, Hartola

Karhulan tila is an organic cow farm run by the Mäyrä family. On the farm, you can see Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, and Charolais cattle with their calves.

Stop at the café Taukotupa, stock up on Aberdeen Angus steak and Angus grill sausages, and meet the local scouts Tainionvirran Taimenet. Agricultural machinery and equipment is also on display.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Karhulan tila / Tero Mäyrä
Tel. +358 50 535 8952
Karhulantie 96, 19770 Valittula

Facebook: Karhulan tila


Katinalan Lihakauppa, Hattula

Katinalan Lihakauppa butcher’s shop specialises in traditional meat delicacies, and it’s famous for its high-quality raw materials.

The shop’s product range includes fresh meat, cold smoked products, and artisan sausages from Katinalan Lihakauppa’s own factory. Their Chili-Emmental sausage was selected as Finland’s best spicy sausage in 2019.

Open Saturday 10 July at 09.00–14.00

Contact details

Tuomas Mikkola
Tel. +358 400 387 988
Kauksaarentie 2-4, 13800 Katinala

Facebook: Katinalan Lihakauppa
Instagram: katinalanlihakauppa

Keinuhongan tila, Padasjoki

The history of Keinuhongan tila beef farm extends back to at least the 1700s. The farm is almost entirely self-sufficient in feeding its animals with crops from its own fields.

Join guided tours, and see the sheep and farm machinery. The farm café and the Suvimarja Lifestyle Puoti boutique are open, and the farm shop sells meat and other local products.

Open Saturday 10 July at 10.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July 12.00–18.00 (tours on Saturday only)

Contact details

Suvi-Marja Siljander
Tel. +358 40 562 8580
Keinuhongantie 54, 17610 Auttoinen

Facebook: Keinuhongan tila
Instagram: keinuhongantila


Kiipula Gardens & Miinantori, Janakkala

At the Miinantori market, you can find fresh flowers and vegetables grown at Kiipula Gardens, as well as other local food, products, gifts and accessories.

The café serves sweet and savoury pastries, light lunches, and ice cream. See the rabbits, hens, quail, and peacocks, or take a guided tour of the greenhouses.

Miinantori open Saturday 10 July at 10.00–14.00

Contact details

Kiipulantie 507, 14200 Turenki

Kiipulan puutarha
Ylipuutarhuri Henni Koskimäki
Tel. +358 50 3003 753

Tel. +358 40 4563 185

Facebook: Kiipulan Gardens


Korven Karitsa, Sysmä

Korven Karitsa breeds Finnish sheep, and you can meet the farm’s domestic animals at Sysmän Kotieläinpiha. The farm’s Starhill Stable offers riding tours with Icelandic ponies.

Enjoy home-baked goods and local beer at the farm café. The farm shop sells lamb’s meat and other local products, including sausages and smoked meats, as well as sheepskins.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Nina Blomqvist
Tel. +358 50 536 6116
Ravioskorventie 151, Sysmä

Facebook: Vaellustalli Starhill & Korven Karitsa
Instagram: korvenkaritsa


Kotileipomo Tuulosrievä, Tuulos

At the traditional Kotileipomo Tuulosrievä, bread is made by hand without preservatives or additives, and baked in wood-heated ovens.

Buy the bakery’s products at the shop, or stop at the café. There is also a country flea market in the upstairs of the bakery building.

Open Saturday 10 July at 10.00–16.00

Contact details

Sirkku Tasala
Tel. +358 44 5433 822
Syrjäntaantie 58, 14820 Tuulos

Facebook: Tuulosrievä Oy


Kuusamon Mansikkatila, Lammi

Kuusamon Mansikkatila has been growing strawberries since 1980. The farm also grows raspberries, peas, sweetcorn, and cereals, and makes juices, jams, jellies, and other products to grandma’s old recipes – without additives!

There is a café and a shop selling the farm’s own products as well as strawberry ice cream and strawberry lemonade made by other producers using the farm’s strawberries.

Open Saturday 10 July at 8.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 9.00–19.00

Contact details

Johanna and Kai Mettälä
Tel. +358 40 722 9930
Niemenkulmantie 97, 16900 Lammi

Facebook: Kuusamon mansikkatila


Kyöstilän Tila, Orimattila

Kyöstilän tila farm produces organic milk and beef. During the Open Farms Festival, you can meet the grazing cows and learn more about milk production, the feeding of cows, and robotic milking (until 15.00).

The farm shop sells organic beef and sausages, dried organic peas, rapeseed oil, and licorice. Stop for a tasty burger at the Kyöstilä burger bar.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Outi Kyöstilä
Tel. +358 44 548 2260
Orimattilantie 259, 16270 Villikkala

Facebook: Kyöstilän Tila

Lehtosalon Luomutila, Sysmä

Lehtosalon luomutila organic farm rears Highland cattle which grow slowly grazing in natural pastures, forests, and fields, producing delicious, clean meat.

Buy the farm’s organic meat at the farm shop, and meet the sheep, chickens, rabbits, cats, and dogs, as well as the farm’s Finnish horse. The café is open weather permitting.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Nina Lehtosalo
Tel. +358 400 589 449
Kirveskoskentie 254, 19700 Sysmä

Facebook: Lehtosalon Luomutila
Instagram: lehtosalon_luomutila


Lepaan viini- ja puutarhatila, Hattula

Lepaan viini- ja puutarhatila has a long wine-making tradition dating back to the early 1900s that soon included the berry and fruit wines of the horticultural college founded in 1912.

The wine and garden centre sells seasonal and local produce, where you can buy all the wines and ciders produced at the vineyard. There is also a café and a wine bar.

Open Saturday 10 July and Sunday 11 July at 9.00–19.00

Contact details
Tel. +358 400 398 074
Viinitilantie 12, 14610 Lepaa

Facebook: Lepaan viini- ja puutarhatila


Lepolan Talo, Hausjärvi

At the charming Lepolan Talo restaurant and bistro, you can enjoy delicious Finnish food made with local produce, including home-made gluten-free bread and pastries.

The Puoti shop sells cereal products and lemonades from Hakolan Marjatila, honey products from Lahtisen Vahavalimo and Lintulan tila, and much more.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 12.00–17.00

Contact details

Saara-Leea Lahtinen
Tel. +358 50 307 0101
Kappalaisentie 49, 12210 Hausjärvi

Facebook: Lepolan Talo
Instagram: lepolantalo


Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti, Tammela

Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti stands in the beautiful Folk Park of Saari, built in the traditional Tammela cabin style, and decorated as a farmhouse from the 1800s.

The restaurant at Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti serves high-quality traditional food made to its own recipes. The Pirtti banquet table is legendary, and you can check when it is available on the website.

Open Saturday 10 July and Sunday 11 July at 11.00–18.00

Contact details

Keijo Koskimies
Tel. +358 50 303 2462
Portaantie 480, Tammela

Facebook: Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti


Luolajan Maatalousmuseo, Hämeenlinna

The Luolajan Maatalousmuseo private agricultural museum opens its doors to the public during the Open Farms Festival. The museum exhibits a wide range of old tools, machinery, and tractors.

The museum houses over 2,000 agricultural objects, as well as old equipment from the Luolaja volunteer fire brigade and the Finnish armed forces. There is a café.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Markku Seppälä
Tel. +358 40 5013 410
Vesitie 35, 13500 Hämeenlinna


Mattsonin Luomumarjatila, Asikkala

Mattsonin Luomumarjatila berry farm grows organic berries including strawberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants. There is also a small farm museum.

Take a tour with the farmer, and hear about the history of the farm and about organic farming. The café sells pancakes with the farm’s own jam and savoury fillings.

Open Saturday 10 July at 10.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 12.00–18.00

Contact details

Anu Mattsson
Tel. +358 50 380 3967
Hilliläntie 141, 17430 Kurhila

Facebook: Mattssonin Luomumarjatila
Instagram: mattssoninluomumarjatila


Metsälammen Laamat, Hattula

On Metsälammen Laamat farm, visitors will be able to experience a rare treat in Finland – llamas. Llamas are active and curious, a good companion for a walk, a great exhibition animal and a rugged family pet.

Come and learn more about llamas and admire the baby llamas born in June! Coffee and juice and llama-related products are on sale.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Pia Kekkonen
Tel. +358 40 517 6838
Mustilanmäentie 34 A, Pekola (Hattula)


Mielen Muutostila Lieso, Lammi

Mielen Muutostila is a homely farm with an olden-days feel where you can pet the baby animals, try pony-trekking and play old-fashioned games.

There is a summer café and farm shop with Metsälän tila farm and Karhunsillan maitotila milk farm. Look out for beestings, organic eggs, mutton meat and sausages, sheepskins, woollen yarn, felting wool, sheep soap and macrame handicrafts.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Katri Laurell
Tel. +358 40 589 5320
Liesontie 300, Lammi (Hämeenlinna)

Facebook: Mielen Muutostila 
Instagram: mielenmuutostila  & metsalantila


Mikkolan Suoramyynti, Loppi

Mikkolan Suoramyynti has grown from a simple roadside stand selling new potatoes to a local shop with its own bakery and café.

The shop sells the farm’s own produce as well as berries, vegetables, pastries, meat and sausages from neighbouring farms.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Antti Mikkola
Tel. +358 400 851742
Läyliäistenraitti 984, 12600 Läyliäinen

Facebook: Mikkolan Suoramyynti
Instagram: mikkolansuoramyynti


Mommilan kyläpuoti, Hausjärvi

Mommilan Kyläpuoti is a summer café and shop breathing new life into the old village store. Everything is genuinely old, from toys to tin cans, magazines to tools and other retro objects.

The village store museum displays product packages and other items from the past 100 years. Travel back in time from the early 1900s to the start of the bar code era.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–18.00

Contact details
Tel. +358 45-675 6191
Kordelinintie 64, 12170 Hausjärvi

Facebook: Mommilan kyläpuoti


Museotila Hevossilta, Forssa

At the Museotila Hevossilta museum farmyard you can experience the way life used to be, from the smell of tar to the colours of life gone by.

Join a guided tour every hour on the hour, see the 20-year-anniversary exhibition, visit the farmhouse museum, buy bakery products and local handicrafts before sitting down for some authentic Hevossilta food at the café.

Contact details

Raija Sundblom-Mero
+358 400 422 218
Tampereentie 450, 30100 Forssa

Facebook: Museotila Hevossilta
Instagram: Hevossilta


Mustialan Kievari & Wanha Viljamakasiini, Tammela

Mustialan Kievari inn is surrounded by the historic countryside around Tammela village. Kuninkaankartanon Panimo brewery occupies the ground floor of the Wanha Viljamakasiini grain store, while there is a pub style café upstairs.

Mustialan Panimo brewery sells its own beer and other breweries’ long drinks, ciders, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy at the brewery café.

Watch a short video about Mustialan Kievari.

Open Saturday 10 July at 12.00–20.00 and Sunday 11 July at 12.00–18.00

Contact details

Emilia Ilomäki
Tel. +358 40 412 1505
Renkituvantie 10, Tammela

Facebook: Mustialan Kievari & Wanha Viljamakasiini
Instagram: mustialanki


Niipalan tila, Hollola

Niipalan tila is an organic farm growing grains and vegetables. Join a guided tour of the vegetable garden with the gardener, and buy fresh, organic seasonal produce including new potatoes.

The summer café serves sourdough bread and sweet and savoury pastries to enjoy while taking in the beautiful scenery and the rolling fields all around.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Mikko Niipala
Tel. +358 45 2750323
Kirkkotie 16, 15880 Hollola

Facebook: Niipalan tila
Instagram: Niipalantila


Nikkarin Maatila, Hämeenkoski

Nikkarin Maatila has been farmed by the same family for nearly 300 years. Nikkari is a Carbon Action farm practising regenerative farming, which you can learn about on the tour at 13.00.

The yard café and museum barn are open, and you can pet the sheep and cats, kick some tractor tyres, and buy strawberries, jams and juices or woollen yarn.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Saara Kukkonen
Tel. +358 40 842 4419
Nikkarintie 29, 16800 Hämeenkoski

Facebook: Nikkarin Maatila


Panimo OlutMylly, Forssa

Panimo OlutMylly is a family craft brewery brewing over 20,000 litres of beer per year with feeling and a traditional German brewing style.

TapRoom OlutMylly serves the brewery’s own beer and the PanimoPuoti shop sells both beer and local OlutMyllyn Mallasleipää malt bread from Markun Pakari bakery.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 10.00–17.00

Contact details

Anne Silmälä
Tel. +358 40 553 6993
Yrittäjänkaari 17, 30420 Forssa

Facebook: Olutmylly Forssa
Instagram: OlutMylly Forssa


Pekkolan tila, Hauho

Pekkolan tila is a family farm raising and milking sheep, home to the delicious sheep’s milk ice cream Bäätelö. Pekkola is one of two farms in Finland milking sheep.

Take a guided tour to learn about sustainable food production, and meet its cows, ponies, and rabbits. The farmyard café is open, and the shop sells lambs meat, woollen yarn, sheepskins, and the famous Bäätelö.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 11.00–15.00

Contact details

Siri Taalas
Tel. +358 50 5314885
Torvoilantie 1242, 14690 Torvoila.

Facebook: Pekkolan tila


Pelto-Seppälän tila, Loppi

Pelto-Seppälän tila has stood perched high on its hill for nearly 300 years. Today, the farm is home to horses and cows and their calves whom you can meet during the Festival.

The farm shop sells meat and other local produce including Loppi potatoes, craft brewery beers, eggs, and cereal products. The Mulli & Mallas restaurant serves burgers, pizzas, and desserts.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Tiina Seppälä
Tel. +358 400 878 938
Kyläsillantie 184, 12750 Pilpala

Facebook: Pelto-Seppälän tila
Instagram: peltoseppäläntila


Perttulan tila, Asikkala

Perttulan tila is a dairy farm where cows graze outside from early spring into late autumn. Join a guided tour of the cowshed at 12.00, and meet the hens clucking in the yard.

The farm sells its own cheese, yoghurt, and beestings. You can also buy raw milk but please bring your own container. The café is run by the local village association.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Emma Murto
Tel. +358 41 536 6889
Vähimaantie 119, Asikkala

Facebook: Perttulan tila


Ravintola Valtikka, Forssa

You can find restaurant Ravintola Valtikka in the grounds of the Pilvenmäki harness racing racecourse, to watch the horses and their drivers while enjoying locally produced food.

During the Open Farms Festival, the restaurant offers local food platters. On Saturday 10 July, you can see the horses training. Sunday 11 July is a race day.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 12.00–17.00

Contact details

Ravintola Valtikka / Pilvenmäen ravirata
Tel. +358 50 572 6176 / Johanna Hirvonen
Pilvenmäentie 7, 30420 Forssa

Website: Ravintola Valtikka


Similän Ratsutila, Tammela

Similän Ratsutila started its life as a farm with working horses. Today, Similä is a riding stables and home to 25 horses and ponies.

During the Open Farms Festival, you can see how the horses are looked after, and go for a carriage drive or on a led pony trek (chargeable).

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 12.00–16.00

Contact details

Mari Similä
Tel. +358 40 573 1978
Similän rantatie 18, 30100 Forssa

Facebook: Similän Ratsutila
Instagram: similanratsutila


Suontaan Kartano, Hattula

Suontaan Kartano manor is an organic suckler cow farm whose focus is on the wellbeing of its animals and sustainable, organic farming. The farm strives to produce clean and safe food and support Finnish self-sufficient food production.

Learn more about the farm’s activities during the Open Farms Festival.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Ellen Rydbeck
Suontaantie 97, 13720 Hattula

Facebook: Suontaan Kartano


Suvitien Kotieläintila, Loppi

Suvitien Kotieläintila domestic animal farm gives you a glimpse into farm life. At the farm, you can find a handicrafts and yarn shop, a farm shop and the Suvitie cattery.

Meet the alpacas, sheep, rabbits, hens, and the cattery’s cats. The seasonal shop sells sheep’s and alpaca’s wool and yarn, knitted products and other handicrafts.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00 and Sunday 11 July at 15.00–17.00

Contact details

Hannu Riihenperä
Tel. +358 40 195 9854
Juhalantie 16, Topeno

Facebook: Suvitien Kotieläintila


Tiirinkosken Tehdas, Hämeenlinna

Tiirinkosken Tehdas has a lifestyle shop and a café located in the old cowshed. The farm raises Åland sheep and Highland cattle and grows grains and broad beans.

The café serves waffles made with the farm’s own broad bean flour and burgers made with beef from its cattle. The shop sells interior decorations, yarn and products from the farm.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–17.00 and Sunday 11 July at 12.00–17.00

Contact details

Nina Toivonen
Tel. +358 400 482 321
Haantie 5, 13500 Hämeenlinna

Facebook: Tiirinkoski
Instagram: tiirinkosken_tehdas


Tuloiselan Marjatila, Hämeenkoski

Tuloiselan Marjatila has been a berry farm for over 40 years. Here you can find seasonal strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, bush blueberries and apples.

The summer café and terrace are open, and the farm shop sells fresh and frozen berries, handicrafts and local food products including flour, berry juices and jams, honey, and meat and fish preserves.

Open Saturday 10 July at 08.00–18.00 and Sunday 11 July at 08.00–20.00

Contact details

Katriina Tuloisela
Tel. +358 44 056 7675
Lammintie 120, 16800 Hämeenkoski

Facebook: Tuloiselan Marjatila, Kesäkauppa ja kahvila


Valkilan tila, Orimattila

Valkilan tila farm grows oats, barley, wheat, and rye. During the Open Farms Festival, you can see farm and forest machines including tractors from decades gone past.

Young people from the village run a pop-up café serving pancakes made with fresh, local produce. The shop sells the farm’s own flour, groats and flakes, and the neighbouring farm’s beestings milk.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Kati Wirman
Tel. +358 45 256 5836
Sivintie 23, 16200 Artjärvi

Facebook: Valkilan viljatila
Instagram: valkilantila


Valkosipulitila Solstrand, Loppi

Valkosipulitila Solstrand is a small farm growing garlic, chilli and other vegetables produced without artificial fertilisers or pesticides. A pop-up restaurant serves soup made with the farm’s own produce and sells garlic, chilli, and vegetables. And there is live music!

The farm also has a henhouse, and you can see its solar, geothermal, and biological systems in action during the day.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Marika Tudeer
Tel. +358 44 5522 555
Sinervänpolku 15, 12750 Pilpala (Loppi)

Facebok: Valkosipulitila Solstrand


Viini- ja Puutarhatila Pihamaa, Asikkala

Pihamaa Vineyard and Brewery produces cider, beer, berry wine, sparkling wine and soft drinks made with its own berries, fruit, and grains.

There is a summer café, and the farm shop sells vegetables and herbs, as well as other local produce. On 10 July, Kalkkinen villagers host a market and celebrate traditional village days at 10.0015.00.

Open Saturday 10 July at 9.00–18.00 and Sunday 11 July at 11.00–18.00

Contact details

Janne Pihamaa
Tel. +358 50 565 1212
Siltatie 12, 17240 Kalkkinen

Facebook: Pihamaa Viinitila&Panimo
Instagram: pihamaanpanimo


Yli-Tommolan tila, Asikkala

Yli-Tommolan tila has been in the same family since 1539, with the 17th farmer raising its dairy cattle and standardbred and Finnish breed racing horses.

Meet the horses and their foals, cows and Highland cattle, kittens, and hens. Patun Pulla ja Paakkelsi café serves coffee and pastries, and you can also buy Highland cattle beef.

Open Saturday 10 July at 11.00–16.00

Contact details

Tiia Tuhkanen-Kaila
Tel. +358 50 569 1081
Särkijärventie 303, 17240 Kalkkinen

Facebook: Yli-Tommolan tila
Instagram: ylitommolantila