Taste of Häme – Memorable food experiences

Welcome to a taste trip to Häme region and find the memorable food experiences! Taste of Häme!

Open farms festival 10.7.2021

The Open farms festival offers a great opportunity to go around the Häme region countryside, visit different farms, learn about rural life and shop locally. The farms that invite to visit is a mix of agricultural, food producers, major houses and local artisans. The Open farms festival invite you to spend a memorable summer day in the beautiful Häme countryside. Welcome!


We will tell you more about the event on these pages during the spring of 2021.
For more information, please contact: karita.toivanen@mtk.fi

Taste of Slow Häme; 18-20 June 2021, 1-3 October 2021 and 14-16 January 2022.

For groups by appointment all year round.

Enjoy the peace of the countryside, the hospitality of Häme and authentic experiences in the heart of Lake Finland, Hauho. Taste of Slow Häme offers a cross-section of the world of Häme mansions, traditional farms, a leisurely lifestyle and local food experiences, this if Finnish luxury at its best!


Day 1;

Welcome to Häme! At the end of a long linden alley you will find the magnificent Hahkiala Manor, in the middle of three lakes, and the hospitable crowd of the manor. From the very beginning you can enjoy the atmosphere of a manor house and a delicious coffee moment in the embrace of an enchanting garden.

After this, it is nice to head towards the manor’s relaxing sauna experience to Kirrinen beach. In Hahkiala, the sauna is “presidential style”, as the manor’s beach sauna is a copy of the sauna of the President of the Republic’s summer residence, Kultaranta. The evening culminates in an atmospheric Tastes from Häme dinner with a Cool & Creative theme, offering Häme-like taste experiences prepared in close proximity to the traditions of local nature and the kitchen garden, but in a trendy way – let us surprise you!

Day 2;

After a well-slept night, it’s nice to sit down for a peaceful breakfast, reflecting on the stories hidden behind the paintings and other treasures of the mansion. Breakfast includes long-stewed barley porridge, products from your own garden and other dishes from the harvest season. Now there is no rush to anything!

Next, it is time to get acquainted with the history of the manor, which dates back to the 17th century, the magnificent baroque garden and the fascinating wetland.

The visit is crowned by a tasty vegetable-focused lunch in the landscape. During the growing season, the floral splendor of the baroque garden, together with the blue shimmering lake and the rippling of the waterfall, creates a picturesque landscape for the food experience that captivates the senses of sight and hearing. In winter, you can enjoy steaming delicacies in the warmth of a bonfire, while the white glowing rural landscape relaxes the mind.

After lunch, the journey continues towards the Pekkola farm, where during the farm tour you can get acquainted with the activities of a modern and versatile farm and the animals of the farm. The farm grows cereals and other arable crops and raises sheep. The farm’s sheep are milked in the summer and the farm’s specialty is sheep’s milk ice cream made from sheep’s milk. Taste of Place!

During the farm tour, you will hear more about Finnish food production and sheep breeding, taking into account ecology and ethics; How to ensure that sheep are good to have? How can a farm improve biodiversity? The visit culminates in an afternoon coffee with “Bäätelö”. Possibility to shop in the farm shop.

From Pekkola, the journey continues through the beautiful Häme landscapes to Iloranta, which has been known as a full-service holiday destination since 1937. For eighty years, Iloranta has taken care of guests. From summer to summer it has boiled, fried, baked, smoked, dried, jammed and stewed. Good meals have been prepared to be served to the expected guests, from local ingredients of course!

In Iloranta, you can dive into the past food culture of Häme. Farm traditions such as fishing, local food and natural delicacies are still part of the Iloranta delicatessen. After a short break and accommodation, we jump into the world of the rye story as each guest bakes their own rye bread at the decades-old root. This is a delicious and fragrant gift to take home.

The day culminates in the preparation of a robber roast in the Stone Age cemetery area. A robber roast dinner with its necessities is enjoyed either on the beach hill or in Iloranta’s 200-year-old shed. (Roast beef can be ordered from May 1 to October 30. Other times I offer overnight matured lamb in the old hall of Iloranta). As the evening fades, it is nice to fall asleep in the peace of Iloranta.

Day 3;

Iloranta’s goal is to produce holistic well-being for people, both mind and body. At Iloranta, it means unhurriedness, enjoying life, being together and time for yourself as well. The day in Iloranta starts with a leisurely breakfast and sitting at the ready breakfast table – Pure & Natural!

After breakfast, we’ll go on a fishing trip to Iso Roine on a fishing ferry, in winter we go ice fishing with kick sleds. Lifting catfish and tracking net fishing are unforgettable experiences. With winter ice fishing, everyone can try their luck at the fish themselves. After the trip, the prey fish are gutted in a guided way and prepared for food in the beach pavilion. During the crab season (21.7-31.10), the special program is a crab trip on a ferry, a crab school and tasting crabs.

Lunch is enjoyed either outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather. Iso Roinevesi perch soup, smoked shark breads, Iloranta smoked bread and fresh rye bread and freshly baked cottage cheese are available. Then it’s time to say goodbye and head towards Hämeenlinna.

The last stage of the food trip in Häme is Tiirinkoski, where you will find a lifestyle shop in a barn building built in 1910, a farm shop and a café offering waffles made from their own horse bean flour. Tiirinkoski has a long history of farm maintenance, and today the farm breeds native Åland archipelago sheep, Gotland fur sheep and highland cattle. In addition, the farm grows grain and horse beans, which have been used for food since the 6th century! In Tiirinkoski you can shop for gifts and enjoy the famous Tiirinkoski horse bean waffle with ice cream, salted nuts and caramel sauce.

Learn more about:

Hahkiala Manor, www.hahkiala.com
Pekkola farm, www.pekkolantila.fi
Iloranta, www.iloranta.fi
Tiirinkoski, www.tiirinkoski.fi


The food is made as far as possible from local ingredients and varies according to the season. For example, in the summer, the products of your own garden, forest and lakes, wild herbs, berries and fruits are utilized. Hämäläinen breakfast serves e.g. long-stewed porridge, berries, rye and wheat bread, sweet pastries and a selection of cold cuts of meat, fish, cheeses and vegetables.

More information:

  • Duration: 3 days / 2 nights.
  • Additional services available at a separate price upon advance booking: wellness treatments, sauna services, guided nature activities, guided exercise and relaxation, team competitions and forest baths. Learn more directly about the accommodations.
  • Possibility to customize the program for your own group according to your wishes (min. 10 people).
  • Transportation is not included in the program price.

Package price includes:

  • Accommodation for 2 days / in a double room (1st night Hahkiala Manor, 2nd night Iloranta)
  • Meals according to the program
  • Sauna at Hahkiala Manor
  • Program of the days

For an additional fee:

  • Single room supplement 30.00 € / person / day
  • Transportation between destinations.
  • Sauna and bathing / winter swimming in Iloranta for an additional price of 20.00 € / person. Including a wood-heated and electric sauna with lake views, as well as a smoke sauna.

Price: 426,00 € / person incl. VAT

Theme weekends (including individual bookings):
18-20 June 2021, 1-3 October 2021 and 14-16 January 2022.
For groups by appointment all year round.

samu@iloranta.fi p. +358 40 513 1139